Hvad falder ud af det blå

What falls out of the blue

The edge is my ranger 
I go there for danger 

Peace is the truth 
I forgot in my youth 
Went out of my way 
To capture that ray 
Of love that I feel
Inside of a man 
Who does what he can 

To find me as well 
In the depth of the well 

That I hide in to sing 
So that someone will bring 

Me a ladder to climb 
The so-called divine 

I crawl and I fall 
Again I will call
Out to you 
Who I knew

Like my place in the cold 
In dark matter of old 
And blue water gold 

Learn about me 
How I went to a tree 
And threw myself down 
In the dirt I could drown 
My ego with love 
It looked like a dove 

Violet and grey 
Like castles of sway 

The ones that I built 
As a schoolgirl in quilt
And satin sheet silk 

Milky ways came to strip 
From a memory trip 
A lip sinking ship!  

It sailed to the coast 
Where everyone goes 

When waters are broke 
Get ready to soak 

Under flaming full moons  
They want you to bloom 
In their night light saloons  

Together again 
Forever as friends 
Of the mighty divine 
That splits us in nine 
Until everything finds 
Its place and its time